Every year, an indie rock song seemingly appears out of nowhere and becomes a massive success, the most obvious recent example being Portugal. The Man’s 2017 hit, “Feel It Still.”

And yet, prospective rock and alt-pop stars have an increasingly difficult time co-existing alongside songs like Post Malone's “Rockstar." Even cracking the bottom of the Billboard Hot 100 can take months, sometimes years; these songs below, however, have already achieved considerable success worldwide and, with any luck, are next to work their way up the charts in the United States.

Check out five potential 2018 indie crossovers:

“No Roots,” Alice Merton
“No Roots” is only now gaining momentum in the U.S., despite enjoying runaway success across Europe over the past two years — something that's only fitting for a song about traveling. The track's strutting drums and octave-hopping vocals resemble an even rootsier Florence and the Machine, with reverberating choirs swapped out for intense bass lines and quirky synth blasts.

“Something For Your M.I.N.D.," Superorganism
“M.I.N.D” has the same spaciness that made “Feel It Still” so addictive, but with an edge that recalls early music from Gorillaz or, more recently, alt-J. Initially uploaded in February 2017, the song earned the group a spot on BBC’s Sound of 2018. Superorganism may prove too offbeat for some, but with this much momentum, don’t be surprised to hear the song's mesmerizing C’hantal-sampled chorus everywhere.

“Adore," Amy Shark
“Adore” was a massive hit on influential station Triple J Radio in Australia and New Zealand, much like Vance Joy’s "Riptide” was in 2013 before it became a U.S. Top 40 hit two years later. Amy Shark's single's haunting chorus and trip-hop inspired drum loop may face an uphill battle to reach mainstream radio, but the song's steadily increasing radio play on alternative stations and a stunning appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden prove that the artist has the chops necessary to succeed.

“&burn," Billie Eilish ft. Vince Staples
“&burn” is just Gothic enough for fans of Halsey to love, but Billie Eilish's natural songwriting instincts put her above her potential peers. (She’s not "rock," necessarily, but "alternative" remains a good descriptor.) Featuring a brief but inspired guest verse from Vince Staples, she twists a would-be first heartbreak song into what feels more like a super-villain origin story. Both artists are respectively due for Hot 100 appearances, and “&burn” is attention grabbing enough to fit right in.

“All On My Mind," Anderson East
Just by glimpsing at its credits, “All On My Mind” may seem like an unlikely hit — the song was produced by Dave Cobb, more known for working with cult heroes Chris Stapleton and Jason Isbell than contemporary artists who have experienced mainstream chart success. But another name involved is much more indicative of the song’s potential: co-writer Ed Sheeran. While the track is much darker than Sheeran’s usual output, with more organic, bluesy instrumentation than anything on Divide, the mere mention of Sheeran alone may lift "All On My Mind" to its full streaming potential. Between the British pop superstar's presence and a “Spectrum Certified” designation from SiriusXM, Anderson East's international success in 2018 is all but inevitable.

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