UPDATE 4-15-15: The office of the Comanche County Fairgrounds has stated that at this time they cannot confirm or deny if WWE will hold an event in Lawton. However, an event has been scheduled for July 26, at the Coliseum and the Fairgrounds office said that they will make an announcement soon. Original story follows:

The WWE event schedule for the entire year of 2015 has been leaked and posted online and there are some interesting dates that show the wrestling event having a somewhat larger presence in Oklahoma if the leaked schedule is to be believed.

Reddit user StraightEdgeSuper found the leaked schedule on the blog Indeed Wrestling where the blog cites a legal document uploaded to scribed.com. The document in question is discussing counterfeit merchandise. The document was filed in the state of California.

On Exhibit 3 of the document it shows the entire 2015 event schedule for WWE from the staple weekly events such as RAW and Smackdown and their Pay Per View events as well.

According to the schedule, WWE is said to run a small live event at the Great Plains Coliseum in Lawton, Oklahoma, on July 26, 2015.

When the Great Plains Coliseum was contacted to determine if such an event was scheduled, they stated that no event was scheduled on that date as of yet.

Upon looking at the current WWE schedule the Oklahoma dates in question are missing and not listed.

Below is a screenshot that shows the July schedule in question when WWE will run three events in Oklahoma. The full document can be viewed here and a better view of the schedule can be viewed here.

At this time, nothing is confirmed if the legal documents that show these WWE events are authentic or if WWE is really going to hold an event in Lawton. We will continue to look into the matter and will update when we have new information on the authenticity of the schedule and the dates.

United States District Court - Northern District of Northern California