I know I'm late getting to this, but with the electricity issues yesterday and trying to keep the ship afloat, I haven't been able to mention it until today.

On Tuesday, I would assume a majority of SWOK residents were probably doing whatever they could to find information about the storms rolling in.

The forecast we led into the day with had even the National Weather Service issuing grim predictions of strong winds and large hail. The last thing Lawton needs is a second big hail storm for the year, so we were all ears throughout the evening, which was unusually quiet on the media front.

It seemed really out of place for our local weather media since we've all become accustomed to them interrupting programming to chase storms as far off as Lubbock and Amarillo, Texas... but we didn't get a peep out of them even when the large hail storm was barreling down Highway 62.

Luckily, strangers from all over the country were covering our Tuesday storm outbreak over on TikTok.

Weather people from students at OU to viral meteorologists in states like Tennessee, Oregon, and Wisconsin. They were on the ball as far as what was happening in Southwest Texoma that night... Still, nothing from the local news media.

Don't get me wrong, I know they're danged if they do/danged if they don't bust into programming, and after the big hail storm shifted off towards Apache and Anadarko, it's understandable they wouldn't bust in since those towns get the much better OKC channels, but it's still sort of shocking we collectively heard nothing beyond an infographic and top-screen ticker.

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