Oklahoma is finally getting a trailer for "Twisters," the follow-up to the 1996 movie "Twister." It's rumored to drop during the Super Bowl this Sunday!

The rumor that "Twister" was getting a sequel started circulating around in Oklahoma a few years ago. And the film, "Twisters," officially began filming in Oklahoma in early 2023. But then the actors and writers strike happened and production ceased. Oklahomans had given up hope that the sequel would actually happen.

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The movies are back!

Recently, Deadline reported that multiple movie trailers would be dropping during the commercials for the Super Bowl this Sunday with the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. According to the Deadline article, Paramount, Universal Studios and Disney are spending $7 million for 30-second commercials for these trailers.

Among those trails rumored to drop during Sunday's big game includes "IF," an imaginary friend move from John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds, and a prequel to Krasinski's franchise, "A Quiet Place: Day One," which will both be coming out from Paramount. Disney has spots secured for "Inside Out 2," a Marvel Studios' film with "Deadpool 3" and 20th Century Fox's "Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes."

Universal will be dropping the most anticipated trailer by Oklahomans, "Twisters." According to the Deadline article, "Twisters" even has a release date of July 19 of this year. So it looks like Oklahoma will be getting more than just a trailer; we might finally have an official release date!

More About 'Twisters'

It's been rumored that "Twisters" might actually not be a sequel to "Twister." It's been speculated that no one from the 1996 cast will appear in "Twisters," specifically one of the film's titular characters played by Helen Hunt.

An article from Deadline, published in October 22, "Twisters" was considered to the be the sequel to "Twister" and set to focus on the daughter of Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton's characters who inherited a passion for storm chasing from her parents. It's been reported that Daisy Edgar-Jones is playing the daughter character, but whether or not Hunt is involved in the film is still a mystery.

We know Daisy Edgar-Jones was in Oklahoma City last year filming "Twisters" based on some posts from her official Instagram account.

Also, co-star Glen Powell had been spotted at the Oklahoma City airport and confirmed that he was in the state filming "Twisters."

Frida SouthwestOklahoma City's Paseo District

Oklahomans will surely be tuning into Sunday's big game no matter what, but now we have something else to really look forward to! Hopefully the trailer gives us more information about the cast and will confirm the movie's official release date.

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