While it's not as popular now as it was, my 'Fast & Furious' generation of drivers were all about customizing our own versions of hot rods. I can't say that we were into dressing up the import cars, but in turn-of-the-century Oklahoma, it was all about how low you could slam a truck.

Since airbags and body drops were extremely expensive, most of us started out with the bolt-on goodies. Head and taillights, the cheapest suspension lift we could find in the backs of magazines, way overpriced billet aluminum parts, big wheels, ridiculous stereos, and 97-cent gas.

It really was a grand time to be alive.

Skip forward twenty years and the hot trend in Oklahoma still revolves around trucks, but now it's all about big lifts, useless wheels, and thin-wall mud tires. I've even seen a few trucks rolling around town with wheel offset so extreme that I can't help but giggle, but I'm sure the olds laughed at us back then too.

While trucks look like they skipped leg day, that's the style now. Light bars and underglow kits might be the most common bolt-on parts right now. I have a brother-in-law that went hog wild with it. Buying up long, short, and mini LED bars to shed light all the way around his otherwise stock truck. It's a ridiculous waste of money, but it's his to spend.

It's also not exactly legal, but the small-town police officers don't waste their time writing tickets for the same violations they share on their personal cars.

All the same, there's a lot of that "rules for thee, not for me" sentimentality that rolls around in the high-testosterone world of law enforcement.


I guess it's a good reminder that you should know the law before making mods to your vehicle. If nothing else, when an unsure police officer starts harassing you about it, you'll be able to clear things up in a respectable manner... because we all know that not knowing the law will not excuse your ticket for breaking it.

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