Maybe not the best week to have a grand opening for a Dallas Cowboys themed Raising Canes, but it still looks awesome.

Where Is The Dallas Cowboys Raising Canes?

Starting on Thursday, Dallas Cowboys/Post Malone fans can go to 2255 W Northwest Highway, Dallas, TX 75220. The restaurant is the first of its kind, completly decorated with important moments throughout Dallas Cowboys history and Post Malone's career as well.

In Case You Didn't Know About the Post Malone Collaboration Right Now

So if you go eat at pretty much any North Texas Raising Canes, you can get this sweet collector's cup. I assume the partnership has gone well since this came out just over a month ago and now this super awesome restaurant will be opening in Dallas. Here is what it has.

Raising Canes Restaurants LLC--Exterior-Front
Raising Cane’s Restaurants, LLC

Exterior of Restaurant

  • Silver vinyl wraps the restaurant with important moments in Post Malone's career and Dallas Cowboys history.
  • 32 foot tall Dallas Cowboys star that drive thru customers will go through, lined with photos of Post Malone
  • The outdoor patio is meant to resemble one of Post Malone's favorite games, beer pong.
  • Rasing Canes logo is blue at this restaurant instead of their classic red look
Raising Canes Restaurants LLC--Exterior-Star
Raising Cane’s Restaurants, LLC

Interior of the Restaurant

  • Vending Machine with exclusive Post Malone merch you won't find anywhere else.
    • Socks
    • Drink sleeves
    • Hats
    • Foam football
    • Keychains
    • Magnet
    • T-shirt
    • Lapel pin
  • Post Malone Mailbox, yes you can write a fan letter to Post Malone and it will be delivered to him from this Raising Canes.
Raising Canes Restaurants LLC--Inteiror-Wall-Display-02
Raising Cane’s Restaurants, LLC
  • Vintage 90's Dallas Cowboys gear, including some autographed gear from those dominate 90's teams.
  • Post Malone Concert Worn Gear, on display behind glass are outfits Post Malone has worn on stage, along with guitars he has used as well.
Raising Canes Restaurants LLC--Interior-Outfits-and-Video-Screen
Raising Cane’s Restaurants, LLC

If you plan on going to this place after a Dallas Cowboys game, it's about a 22 minute drive from the stadium. Please note that is without traffic and you will never leave a Cowboys game without a little bit of traffic. Next time you're in Dallas, may want to go check out this unique Raising Canes for the Post Malone or Dallas Cowboys fan in your life.

Raising Canes Restaurants LLC--Interior-Lenticular
Raising Cane’s Restaurants, LLC

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