Have you heard of the Pale Crawler of Lake Texoma? 

Over the years, many folks have claimed to have seen the creature in and around Lake Texoma. The below video shares an eyewitness account of an encounter with the pale crawler in 2017. The witness claims to have seen it more than once now. 

The witness describes it as having dirty white skin with no fur, that would most likely be vibrant if cleaned. The witness goes on to say that it literally looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters but with long legs and small arms, like a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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During the first encounter, the pale crawler quickly ran away when it saw the person. The witness noted that it ran on two legs, not four. 

Many of the people commenting on the video claim to have lived in the area their whole life and have never heard of it. However, there are plenty of others who claim to have seen it as well. 

There is much debate as to whether pale crawlers are a threat to humans. However, most experts in the field of cryptids recommend not attempting to interact with it if you see it. 

Cryptid Wiki describes pale crawlers as “thin and pale, with long limbs with claws and large black eyes. They are known to be incredibly fast, stealthy, and smart.” 

That description doesn’t exactly match the description of the creature in the video. Which begs the question, if it’s not a pale crawler, then what is the creature that is lurking in Lake Texoma?

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