Can you imagine the chef of a restaurant direct-messaging you in your X account after you cancel a reservation and get the cancellation fee reversed?

Hi, Trevor. I own TABLE restaurant in Boston. I just wanted to personally thank you for screwing over my restaurant and my staff when you disputed your cancellation fee. I really hope in the future, you have more respect for restaurants, especially small businesses such as mine. Pathetic.

Now for some background.

According to The Today Show, Trevor Chauvin-DeCaro and his husband were planning a getaway to Boston from New York via Amtrak. Not only was the train severely delayed, but Trevor got sick and ended up in the hospital. The couple never made it to Boston which included dinner at Chef Jen Royle's restaurant called Table in the famed North End.

The restaurant has a $250 cancellation fee which was charged to Trevor's credit card even though according to The Today Show Trevor's husband called the restaurant six hours before the reservation to cancel because they were at the hospital.

While Trevor says he was told by someone from Table that he would still be charged and to take it up with his credit card company if he has an issue, Chef Jen Royle says the call never happened.

According to The Today Show, Trevor then used his credit card’s travel protection insurance to dispute the cancellation fee, and the $250 charge was refunded to him.

Enter Chef Jen Royle who sent that message you read above and BOOM the increasingly heated debate began which Trevor made public sending it viral and turning vitriol toward Chef Jen Royle.

Most reading about this heated exchange find it bizarre and unprofessional that a restaurant owner would take this situation to such an extreme by reaching out to a customer like this.

Here's the full exchange from Trevor's X account as well as here from The Today Show.

According to Newsbreak, Trevor isn't the first person who received messages and pushback from Chef Jen Royle with at least 12 other instances where she sought out and reprimanded customers for negative reviews. According to Trevor's X account, Chef Jen Royle and Table are taking legal action against him as they say they've received death threats according to Newsbreak which did shut down the restaurant for a bit.

Meanwhile, just the idea of such extreme cancellation fees also became a hot topic of conversation as well according to The Today Show.

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