One of the Sooner State's scariest tales is about a werewolf in Lawton, Oklahoma. Back in 1971, there were several reports and sightings of what many called a werewolf. The police and military even got involved.

Lawton Police Department received numerous frantic calls from citizens who encountered the beast and were absolutely terrified. One man went into cardiac arrest and was hospitalized after seeing the creature.

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The events took place during the winter of 1971 but sightings continue to this very day. Some say it's a werewolf, others say it's a dogman or other form of cryptid fiend. Those who have seen it will never forget.

Whatever it was this monster was seen all over town and was spotted walking and running on all fours then switching to standing erect and walking on its rear legs. It scrambled to avoid cars and get out of traffic.

There have been numerous sightings of werewolves throughout the Sooner State

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Sightings and eyewitness reports weren't just limited to Lawton either. Soldiers on Fort Sill also reported seeing the monster. The terrifying encounters lasted for several days as more and more people saw it.


Lawton police were officially told by supervisors to be on the lookout for the wolfman. As quickly as this creature appeared, it disappeared. After terrorizing the people of Lawton, Fort Sill for a few days it left.

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Some say it never left and remains in the area to this day. There have been other sightings that have taken place since then, some as recently as the mid-2000s. Is it the same creature, or could it be its offspring?

Whatever they are, werewolves, dogmen, or some other type of sinister beast stalking Lawton, Fort Sill beware. It's been a while since someone has seen them, but they could be lurking in the shadows waiting.

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