By now, it's a well-established fact that Janelle Monae is a consummate performer. She can belt. She can boogie. She can bounce between avant-garde, futuristic ArchAndroid and Electric Lady selections and then flex her booty and do that "Yoga" at will. Performing "Givin 'Em What They Love" at the start of her set felt rather apt (and poignant, but more on that later), considering that's exactly what she did.

After coming in — err, sorry, wheeling in — in pure Hannibal Lecter-gone-diva style, the talented singer-songwriter busted into a slick, energetic set accompanied by an equally charming live band early Sunday evening (May 29) in Boston's City Plaza on the final day of Boston Calling Music Festival, quickly warming up and winning over a sizable adoring crowd — in spite the 50-ish degree weather.

It also helped that she kept things familiar for the general audience with spirited covers of James Brown ("I Got You (I Feel Good)"), Jackson 5 ("I Want You Back"), and even a tribute to her mentor Prince ("Let's Go Crazy") to round out the show, who personally guested on her latest LP.

Check out photos from her thoroughly solid set up top, as well as video of "Lets Go Crazy" below.

Robyn Breaks a Sweat at Boston Calling: