On last night’s ‘Conan,’ J.B. Smoove of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ gave host Conan O’Brien a lesson in how to move heavy objects. But this wasn’t a simple tutorial in lifting with one’s legs. For whatever reason, the actor’s technique involved a copious amount of highly-suggestive rump shaking.

While grasping O’Brien’s desk with both hands, Smoove bent at the knees and rolled his hips. O’Brien followed suit and then they cleanly lifted the desk off the ground, and looked pretty seductive while doing it. Watch their feat of booty-shaking strength in the video below, beginning at the 4:30 mark.

Inspired by the ridiculous display of butt-wiggling, the good people at Team Coco also created the animated image below, which they describe as “the most hypnotic GIF ever.” Hypnotic, yes. Disturbing too.

J.B. Smoove, Conan O'Brien

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