This Saturday, July 6, Jeep lovers from all across the state are gathering for another year of celebrating Medicine Park's Jeeplahoma event.

The free event is open to all ages and doesn't require any entry fee for those wanting to share the spotlight.

Jeeps are popular in Oklahoma, being one of the states for the most Wranglers per capita, according to

"For 2007-2023 JK, JKU, JL and JLU the states with the most Wranglers per capita are Oklahoma, followed by Michigan, New Hampshire, Wyoming and New Jersey."

-Hedges Company

This year's Jeep lovers get-together is the 5th year in a row. In the past, they've had some semblance of a parade and, of course, live music. The event is taking place during the Rockin' the Park live music festival.

While you're admiring everyone's Jeeps, you'll probably find yourself wondering about the rubber duck trend. According to social media, the rubber duck trend started with late Allison Parliment and her act of kindness.

While you're in Medicine Park, you'll have plenty of places to test out those Jeep skills by taking them up Mount Scott to enjoy the view, or exploring the thousands of acres of the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge.

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If you're a Jeep owner wanting to find a club or group to share your passion with, this will be the event to make it all happen. And the best part is that it's all free - free to celebrate and the best reason to celebrate being free.

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