Rod Stewart recently claimed that he'd be up for a tour with his old partner Jeff Beck, but he noted that Beck isn't speaking to him. According to Beck, however, it's really the other way around.

"He never calls," Beck told the Wall Street Journal when asked about the possibility of some new music from the pair. He's well aware that this year marks the 45th anniversary of his landmark collaboration with Stewart on the Jeff Beck Group's debut album, 'Truth,' but he says his old singer -- currently in the middle of a tour supporting his latest album 'Time' -- has too many distractions keeping him from focusing on a new project. "Get rid of them," he told the WSJ, "and we’ll have an album."

In fact, Beck insisted he's tried to find some new material for the two to record, but as he sees it, "I’m the one doing all the looking." He went on to suggest that Stewart spend some time hunting for songs on Spotify.

Of course, given how sporadically both Beck and Stewart have recorded in recent years, there's probably plenty of blame to go around. But the best part of all this fruitless 45th-anniversary chatter is that it gives them plenty of time to get it together for the record's 50th. Surely five years is long enough to schedule some tour dates and record an EP.

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