Actress and dancer Jenna Dewan, who's currently dating actor Steve Kazee, has certainly moved on from ex-husband Channing Tatum, who's supposedly dating singer Jessie J. That hasn't stopped fans from continuing to claim Dewan and the singer look somewhat alike.

While the two women's resemblance is subjective, Dewan has finally acknowledged the on-going commentary about the topic. Sort of.

Earlier this week, two fans were chatting about the look-alike claims in Dewan's Instagram comments, only to be responded to by Dewan herself! "Positive vibes all the way," Dewan replied, with a kissy-face emoji.

Jenna Dewan Instagram Comment Reply
Instagram via Entertainment Tonight

It's not the juicy, negative response that would snag headlines and rile up fans, but we're happy Dewan chose to rise above taking that approach. After all, Dewan and Tatum have remained friendly since their separation. The former couple even teamed up recently to take 5-year-old daughter Everly trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Meanwhile, it appears things are developing with Tatum and Jessie J. Earlier this week the actor posted on Instagram from a stop on the British singer's R.O.S.E. Tour, praising her and the performance. This is the first time either of the two have publicly addressed each other or the rumors they might be dating.

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