Joe Walsh, the musician, has thrown his support behind an Iraq war vet from Illinois who is running for a congressional seat. But what makes this interesting is who Walsh is not backing.

The musician says he’s proud to back democratic candidate Tammy Duckworth as she seeks to knock out Republican representative Joe Walsh from office. In fact, the Eagles musician is heading back to the state of Illinois, where he once lived as a child, to hold a fundraising concert for Duckworth next month.

The singer told the Associated Press that he’s backing Duckworth over his namesake because he believes that she is “the real thing.” He adds, “I’m frustrated with Congress in that they’re not getting very much done and I’m frustrated to the point where I think people should start paying attention to who’s in Congress.”

Duckworth was an Army helicopter pilot who lost her legs during a grenade attack in Iraq in 2004. After leaving the military, Duckworth served under current president Barack Obama for a period.

Walsh, the politician, dismissed the singer’s endorsement as a stunt. A statement from his office added, “Is anyone really surprised when Tammy gets support from the liberal entertainment industry? Tammy can have the support of the ‘Hotel California’ liberal elite, Congressman Walsh is more concerned with getting the support of hard working families from the 8th district.”

Both Walshes have locked horns in the past as well. In 2010, when the politician first ran for office, he used a version of an Eagles song on his website and was then threatened with legal action by the musician. The video using the song was taken down as a result.