As a matter of fact, he had several of them. Friends, foes, correspondents and a musical legend came together last night to pay tribute and say farewell to a man who has shaped the way people looked at news, politics and the world as a whole. The show featured everything from a gathering of every correspondent the show ever featured, to a collection of Stewart "foes" over the years gathering to "finally" get rid of him, to the returns of Steven Colbert and Steve Carell, to a send-off from New Jersey's greatest export, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Senator John McCain has a parting message for Jon Stewart.► Watch all of The Daily Show's friends (and enemies) say farewell:

Posted by The Daily Show on Friday, August 7, 2015

This is the third farewell of a late night host in the past year. Steven Colbert left Comedy Central's The Colbert Report in December, while David Letterman left CBS' The Late Show in April. Colbert, a former Daily Show Correspondent, will replace Letterman on The Late Show starting in September. Colbert appeared on Thursday's Daily Show finale, in a segment that brought back all the former correspondents from the show's 16 year history. Colbert thanked Stewart saying that they all learned a lot working with Stewart, including how to be a professional.

For years, John Stewart told people he did a comedy show about the news. But the truth was, for 17 years he presented the news as he saw it, with integrity, style and yes, it made people laugh. While The Daily Show wasn't everyone's "cup of tea", Stewart presented the daily headlines from a view point that hadn't been seen before.

Stewart capped the evening with a final send-off, which included telling the audience he wasn't ending a show, he was meerly taking a pause in a conversation, a conversation that he admitted he may have "hogged" for 17 years. During that run, Stewart closed every show with a daily "Moment of Zen". A clip intended to make the viewers smile, think, ponder, laugh or sometimes just say "hmmmmmm". The finale was capped off by Stewart's own "personal" moment of Zen. Fellow Garden State native Bruce Springsteen, sent the Daily Show to a proper send off with a set that included "Land of Hopes and Dreams" and "Born To Run".

Trevor Noah, who was featured on the final show measuring the set (and some other things) becomes the third host in the Daily Show's history. Noah will be replacing Stewart behind The Daily Show anchor desk beginning Sept. 28th. I hope Noah has big feet, because he has mighty big shoes to fill.