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Johnny Depp Reveals His Severed Finger Amid Court Battle With Amber Heard

Johnny Depp revealed photos of his bloody, severed finger after his ex-wife Amber Heard allegedly threw a bottle of vodka at him. Depp and Heard are currently in court because Depp is suing a newspaper for accusing him of abuse. (via Just Jared)

Billie Eilish Almost Saw a Therapist for Her Justin Bieber Obsession

Most Billie Eilish fans know about the pop star's obsession with Justin Bieber, but what they might not know is that at one point, she would ball her eyes out to his music and start crying when any of his music videos started playing. Apparently, her fan obsession got so intense she almost saw a therapist for it. Beliebers, can you relate? (via Cosmopolitan)

Rihanna Donates Tablets to 4,000 Schools

Rihanna and Jack Dorsey have donated thousands of tablets to schools in Barbados with students who are struggling to learn online since most of the children do not have access to the internet. This isn’t the first of Rihanna’s donations, however: she has donated more than $15 million to various charities in the U.S. (via BET

Meghan Markle and Michelle Obama Are Teaming Up

The power duo is teaming up to speak about gender equality and social change. Markle and Obama will be virtually speaking at the 2020 Girl Up Leadership Summit taking place July 13 through July 15. (via People)

North Carolina Mom Donates Her Kidney to a Toddler

Paige Flotkoetter, a North Carolina mom, donated her kidney to a toddler she did not even know. When she learned that Hudson Nash needed a new kidney to survive, she did not even think twice about donating, knowing that she would want someone to do the same for her child. (via People

Fans Want to Rename The Longacre Theater

Following the death of Tony-nominated Nick Cordero, Broadway fans are petitioning to change the name of The Longacre Theater to the Nick Cordero Theater. The venue was the last theater Cordero performed in before his COVID-19-related passing earlier this month.

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