So it looks like judges are now getting sentencing ideas from "Who's the Boss", "WKRP In Cincinnati", and pretty much every other sitcom made before 1996.  

A judge in Seville, Spain just ordered a fighting couple to draw a line down the middle of their apartment and each stay on their own side. The couple is done with each other, but can't afford a divorce. For one of them to move out and get another place. So they're going to live side-by-side in their apartment.

The couple has two daughters, it's not clear which side they're going to live on. The apartment is 2,700 square feet, so at least they'll all have a decent amount of space. And no, we're not sure how they could afford a 2,700-square-foot apartment but not a divorce.

So how would you deal with a situation like this? Could you live in an apartment (or house) after a divorce?

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