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Most People Give Up Their New Year's Resolutions by Feb. 1

A shocking study by OnePoll showes that nearly 1 in 7 Americans don't actually believe they'll keep up with their resolutions. On average, Feb. 1 is when most folks will have given up on their goals, with 68% of people saying they don't even last that long. The culprit behind this mass of failed resolutions is attributed to a lack of discipline, busy schedules and social and family pressures. (via StudyFinds)

Today Is World Cancer Day

Every Feb. 4, the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) brings awareness to the war against cancer being fought all around the globe. World Cancer Day's slogan — "We Can, I Can" — is meant to remind not only individuals but groups and government leaders of the importance of cancer research, prevention and treatment. Using hashtags #WorldCancerDay and #WeCanICan can help the mission. (via AACR)

What Men Want For Valentine's Day

It may seem impossible to pick out the perfect gift for a man on Valentine's Day but it turns out that what men really want isn't all that complicated. In a review of 10 different guys' responses, it seems that hanging out together, good food and perhaps a surprise of some new lingerie are all it takes. (via Cosmopolitan)

You heard the man: "DEAL WITH IT."

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