Just days after Korean singer Jung Joon Young admitted to secretly filming women without their consent or knowledge, new details have emerged about this shocking sex scandal.

As previously reported, Young confessed to sharing the footage with multiple people in a group chat and via social media—one of which included BIGBANG member Seungri. But now, it appears as though F.T. Island guitarist Choi Jonghoon and Highlight singer-songwriter Yong Junhyung have also been identified as members of the chat. The two even quit the music industry after allegedly confessing to the allegations.

Junhyung announced on Thursday (Mar. 14) that he's leaving the band after admitting he had, in fact, received the video and participated in "inappropriate conversations" about it. “All these behaviors were extremely unethical, and I was stupid,” he said in a lengthy statement posted via Instagram.

“I treated it as not a big deal without thinking that it is a crime and illegal act,” he added, according to Soompi. “Although I knew of what was happening during that time, I thought of it as not a big deal and acted at ease. I was a silent bystander about this severe issue where several more victims may have arisen due to my actions.”

Meanwhile, Jonghoon has also stepped away from the entertainment industry. “He feels deep shame for his past wrongful actions and is deeply regretting how he had disappointed many people, also how he had damaged his team through his actions," his management, FNC entertainment, said in a statement. "Until all the investigation concludes, he will comprehensively suspend planned solo activity and activity as a member of F.T. Island.”

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