In today's hunka hunka burnin' rumors, rapper Kanye West may or may not be in talks to buy Graceland, the Memphis home of the late King of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley. (Even though Presley recorded a generation or so earlier than most of the artists we cover at Ultimate Classic Rock, his influence on many of these artists we cover is undeniable.)

According to the British tabloid Daily Star, Yeezus wants to buy Graceland for girlfriend and baby mama Kim Kardashian. "Kanye is really excited about the possibility of owning it," an unnamed alleged insider said. "He thinks it would be really cool if he, Kim and baby [North West] lived there, at least some of the time."

Elvis bought Graceland -- now a U.S. national landmark -- in 1957, and it's where he died two decades later. The 14-acre site houses the mansion itself (with its famous frozen-in-time interior), and Presley, his parents and his grandmother are all buried on the property in the "Meditation Garden."

“Kanye has always been intrigued by Elvis, especially his influence in bringing blues and gospel music to the masses," the anonymous source said. “Kanye thinks owning Graceland and restoring it to its former glory would cement his place in showbiz history.”

The property is estimated to be worth about $85 million, but few believe its current owner -- Presley's daughter, Lisa Marie -- would be willing to part with it. She sold off 85 percent of her father's estate a few years ago but insisted on maintaining full ownership of Graceland (as well as her dad's awards, cars, costumes and furniture).

Besides, the site attracts more than half a million visitors a year -- which hardly seems like the kind of place a dude who hates cameras would want to live.