The Marines put Kate Upton through a strict workout regimen and Jerry Seinfeld returns to stand-up for a Netflix special. These are today's Pop Bits.

Kate Upton Trained With the Marines in Support of Marine Week in Detroit

In an effort to promote the Wins for Warriors Patriot Ruck, a charity walking event where participants are encouraged to wear rucksacks like soldiers, Kate Upton, Justin Verlander and several other Detroit Tiger couples trained with the Marines. The event was in part to raise awareness of Marine Week in Detroit this September.

Jerry Seinfeld's Netflix Stand-Up is Coming in September

It's been a long time since Jerry Seinfeld has taped a stand-up special, but next month the wry comedian returns to The Comic Strip in New York for his very first Netflix event. The special will reportedly cover Seinfeld's entire stand-up career, including classic jokes and all-new material.

Tony Award-Winning Thomas Meehan Died at 88

Writer of Broadway musicals like Annie and Hairspray, Thomas Meehan died of cancer on Monday. In addition to working on numerous Broadway hits, Meehan also worked with Mel Brooks on Spaceballs, and helped him adapt the film The Producers for the stage.

The VW Microbus is Coming Back in 2022

Volkswagen debuted the ID Buzz electric concept microbus at the Detroit Auto Show, where it promptly won over crowds and the internet. The classic VW Bus has long been a cult favorite among car aficionados and those who wish they were hippies. At least this modern take will help you go green in a different way.

Doing the Macarena in the Street Gets Young Arabian Boy Arrested

Yes, a kid performed the Macarena in the middle of the road. At least it wasn't anyone's twice-divorced aunt at a wedding though.

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