You may LOVE 4th of July and fireworks.  Your kids may love them, too.  Chances are:  your pets aren't so excited.  Many people forget their four-legged friends when the fireworks start and don't realize they can experience significant trauma from the loud bursts, bright lights and screaming kids.  Here are some ideas to help keep your pets calm:

  1. Keep small pets inside your home where they feel safe.  If you are leaving, and you know there will be loud noises . . . turn a TV on for distraction.
  2. Don't tie up the dog while you watch the show.  Dogs have been known to hurt themselves when they are tied up during a firework's show.  They are desperate to get away from what they perceive as danger.  If you have to take your dog with you, make sure he is safe on a leash with you or in a carrier.
  3. Pets don't understand sparklers and don't realize kids are just having fun.
  4. If you pet reacts during a big thunderstorm, chances are Fireworks will be worse.  You might consider calling your vet to get a mild sedative to calm your pet during stressful times.

For more, visit the ASPCA 4th of July Safety Tips.