Khloe Kardashian is amongst the many celebrities affected by the devastating California wildfires. To repay the favor to the firefighters who helped thousands survive through the fires, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star decided to make a stop at CVS on Saturday (November 11) and purchase supplies for the heroes.

Kardashian documented her trip to CVS on her Instagram story, saying "I am at the CVS in the Commons, because I had to get a couple things at the house, and I am going to post this request from what the fire department needs and whoever can drop off whatever they can... every little bit helps," Kardashian told viewers.

In a following story, she encouraged her fans to also help out and show their gratitude.

"I know the brave men and women working so hard, tirelessly for all of us will greatly appreciate it. So please just do whatever you can, even if it's one bottle of water, one container of eye drops, one granola bar, anything. I know they would appreciate it," she said, walking through the store. "I love everyone. Stay safe and god bless." She then shared a list of items firefighters need, including eye drops, energy drinks, snacks, water, among others.

Her mom Kris Jenner praised her daughter's efforts with a sweet Instagram post, noting how important it is to thank the firefighters.

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