They've been a fixture on the charts for decades, many current and former members have written memoirs and band co-founder Gene Simmons even had his own reality show, so how much of the Kiss story could really be left untold? Some of the answers we've rounded up this edition of You Think You Know Classic Rock? may surprise you.

Most Kiss fans are aware of Simmons' efforts to attain Hollywood stardom in the '80s -- and how Paul Stanley feels they ultimately detracted from the band. But what you might not know is that Simmons had a chance to make those dreams come true in the early part of the decade, when he was offered the male lead in what ultimately ended up becoming one of the biggest movies of 1983. He turned it down, which may surprise fans accustomed to his renowned thirst for the spotlight, but he had his reasons -- all of which will be revealed in the above video.

And that isn't all --  you'll also hear all about the guy who Peter Criss says "put all these stupid dots in my whiskers," as well as the band's narrow brush with balloons, straw hats and red rubber noses, and the champagne bender that left Ace Frehley temporarily blind.

But wait, there's more: This clip also explores the little-known connection between Paul Stanley and Folgers Coffee, as well as the member of Twisted Sister whose Kiss dreams ended when, as he put it, "I auditioned and failed. End of story. They never called me back." You think you know Kiss? Check out this video, and see what you might have missed.