You may have thought you hallucinated that story about Kiss starring in a new Archie comic, but it’s really happening — and if you want to commemorate the experience by getting your own signed copy, the band is happy to oblige.

All you have to do is get yourself to Los Angeles on November 30, where band members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley will be hosting a signing at Golden Apple Comics. The store will start handing out wristbands at 10 AM (with the purchase of an issue of the comic, natch), but get there early — the event is limited to the first 100 fans. 

The Kiss/Archie crossover launches Nov. 30, and will find the rock vets helping protect Riverdale from an invasion of monsters and zombies. In other words, classic Kiss. Simmons agrees, telling the New York Post that the band is a natural fit for the comics because “Kiss is all things to all people. A five or 10-year-old fan doesn’t look at the lascivating nature of my tongue the same way someone much older would — such a thing is not obvious to a five-year-old, and nor should it be.”

Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater, who describes himself as a “crazy Kiss fan,” promises that the comics will offer something for everyone: “Younger kids will enjoy the magical nature while older audiences will enjoy old rock ‘n’ roll.”