Lady Gaga took to Twitter Monday (November 12) with a blunt message for President Trump.

"@realDonaldTrump I knew this before, but you continue to make it clear you care for no one other than yourself," the Star is Born actress and singer wrote in response to the President's knee-jerk Twitter reaction to the California wildfires.

Early Saturday morning, as the devastating flames continued to rip through communities, Trump's first response was a tweet threatening to withhold federal money from California. In the tweet Trump blamed the "costly" fires on "poor forest management."

Ending her call-out with a hopeful and constructive note, Gaga wrote "Mr. President show some compassion for the people of California and set an example of kindness for this country. #BeKind #Kindness #CaliforniaFire."

Gaga, who had to flee her own home Friday due to the Woolsey Canyon wildfire, volunteered Sunday at a Red Cross evacuation shelter set up at a local high school. While there, the pop star gave a moving, encouraging speech to the other displaced families.

"I know this is not easy. And I know that a lot of you are feeling a lot of pain right now, and a lot of shock, and this might feel very surreal... I extend my love to each and every one of you," the artist told the crowd. "This is an emergency, but you are not alone. We have each other... We're gonna get through this together." Watch her full speech below.

Gaga isn't the only public figure calling out Trump's tweet. Over the weekend Katy Perry, John Legend, Sarah Silverman and more criticized the President's statement. Additionally, the president of the California Professional Firefighters union criticized Trump's reaction on Saturday. CNN meteorologist Tom Sater explained on-air Sunday why Trump's theory about forest management is "wrong on so many levels."


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