Lauren Jauregui shared a controversial anti-vaccination video that suggests that the coronavirus (COVID-19) was caused by flu vaccines.

The 23-year old shared the nine minute video to her Instagram Story on Sunday (April 12). “I’ve been saying this,” she captioned the video. “Freedom stripping. We’ll see what’s up when we wake the f—k up.” She also commented, “real af [sic],” on the account’s original post.

The video itself covers a wide variety of topics related to the government’s suggestions for health, the coronavirus pandemic, vaccines, use of antibacterials and the media.

After backlash ensued on social media, the former Fifth Harmony member somewhat clarified her stance in a series of tweets. “I’m sorry if anyone was offended by anything in the video I reposted on my story. I am not personally “anti” anything, I am & will always be pro choice & autonomy,” she began. “I don’t believe anything should be enforced upon anyone.”

She added, “If you associate me with irresponsibility because of someone else’s beliefs, I can’t really stop you from having your opinion. But I did want to clarify and, again, apologize for any misreading of what point I agreed with.”

Jauregui explained that she does think a lot of points in the video that the woman made were “real af [sic]”  but said that she mentioned numerous topics during the lengthy video. “My views are mine and hers are hers whilst apologizing for the confusion,” she concluded.

After she sent her apologetic tweets, numerous fans questioned why she didn’t delete the video from her Instagram or clarify what part(s) in the video she agreed with.

See the Instagram post and tweets, below.

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