You'd be amazed with the results when you start searching the web for random things. I typed 'Lawton Oklahoma' into Ebay, and the stuff I found was pretty neat.

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    1953 Ft. Sill Wildlife Pin

    First on this list is a little survivor from 1953. I understand that a pin may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but if you think about what this thing is made of, you might appreciate the care someone has given it for the last 62 years.

    If you ever made a pin in elementary school, you know that it's generally a piece of paper sandwiched between a piece brittle plastic and a flimsy plated tin back.

    How in the world has this thing lived so long? Located in Massachusetts, I wonder what kind of a journey it has had around the world?

    At just over $17 with free shipping, it's a neat little piece of history on the cheap.

    Check it out here.

    chestnuthillbooks - Ebay
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    A Vintage Lawton Constitution

    Honestly, this might be the coolest thing on this list... if it weren't for that crease running straight through Roosevelt's face.

    I know, the internet provides most of the information a person could absorb, but it's still cool to look through old papers and books.

    This issue is from May 12th, 1933. That's 82 years old! That's back in the day when people read the newspaper. Outside of the trusty radio, It was your only source for current events.

    The content on the front page is what makes this paper so awesome. Talking about a tornado that ran through Lawton, horse racing at Ft Sill's horse track, the eras most prolific POTUS, and the Lindbergh baby kidnapping. It's practically gold!

    Can you honestly say this wouldn't look awesome framed up on the wall?

    It's listed just shy of $25 with $3 shipping.

    Check it out here.

    mybckpages - Ebay
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    Joe Wolf Clothier Tool

    What ended up the oldest and most expensive thing on the list is also the most useful. A 'clothier' tool from pre-statehood Oklahoma, Indian Territory. Circa - 1905

    This little 10" tool was used in some fashion to make clothing. We're talking about early 20th century tailoring. That's what the google tells me anyway.

    If I had to guess, I would say this had something more to do with shoes than clothing... but I'm not a clothier.

    The Ebay listing did include an old advertisement for Joe Wolf Clothing though, and I must say, it's very metropolitan for the day. See it here.

    Listed at $450/Or Best Offer, you'd have to reach deep to pick this little gem up.

    Check it out here.

    cbenhob - Ebay
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    Lawton Speedway Rules and Regs

    What has to be the most surprising Lawton thing on Ebay is this. The official rules and regulations handbook for the Lawton Speedway in the 1967-1968 season!

    Can you imagine how many of these were printed up and handed out?

    The picture that conjures in my mind is one of blue-collar racing pioneers, strutting around the track, one of these folded up in their back pocket for an entire season.

    It's a wonder how it's not covered in a slight soaked in layer of grease or oil. No dirty fingerprints or rounded corners. It looks pretty darn pristine!

    But wait, there's more! This Lawton Speedway rulebook is actually in a lot of rule and record books from the 60's. Currently, it's up for grabs at $20.

    Check it out here.

    estatesltd - Ebay
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    A Vintage KLAW Belt Buckle

    Those who have been in Lawton for a long time know about these KLAW buckles. The details are sketchy, and I've heard many arguments as to 'when' these buckles were handed out... but the general consensus is sometime in the early to mid 70's.

    Worn with pride, and kept in dresser drawers wrapped up as collectors items, you can't hardly find them in the pawn shops anymore... and when you do, you're gonna pay for them.

    I have a few of them myself... but did you know there's a second KLAW belt buckle that was made later? It's square, and features a different logo on it. That's the hard one to find.

    If you'd like to add this legendary buckle to your collection, it'll run you $35 plus $5 shipping.

    Check it out here.

    vintage_buckleworld - Ebay