But for pretty good reasons.  We found out this week that the city is not planning to open the pool on 11th Street this summer.  The city-run wading pool, spray park and splash pool are also going to be closed this year.

There are two main reasons according to the council.  The first is repair costs.  There are repairs at the 11th Street pool that would cost around six figures.  That's problem one.

The second problem is water.  The city feels that, since we are all pitching in to conserve and trying to find new sources of water, it would not be responsible to use thousands and thousands of gallons of water for entertainment.

Of course, the real people that suffer are our kids in the summer.  City pools are convenient, clean and fun.  We used to beg to go to the pool in the summer.  My mom would usually take us, sit there and read while we played.

What to do with little Peter and Polly?  Well, the library will be open. . . .