After a few days of heavy rain, and more expected in the current forecast, Lawton remains right at the edge of the flood map for elevated risk of high waters. If you've been following the developments down South near Walters, they'll be lucky to not experience another flooding event by the time the weather stabilizes sometime next weekend.

I don't remember quite what year it was, 2015 or 2016, but May ended up being just about the craziest month of weather we have ever seen in Southwest Oklahoma. I can't remember if it in fact rained every single day, but I do remember the grass never dried enough to mow until June. That was the year Mother Nature really shined a spotlight on how bad the roads are here in Lawton. The flooding and raging torrents on 11th Street, Sheridan Road, and Cache Road made national news. Clips were replayed for weeks as car after car became entrapped and swept away by the rapids that developed due to the potholes and such. Five or six years after, and a little over a year after the citizens granted the city another CIP vote on the promise of new roads, and we're still plagued by terrible road conditions and political lies, and we don't even get the worst of it.

Down South, Walters seems to catch the worst of the heavy rains in this area. They've been on flood advisory status for days now, and with more and more rain in the forecast, there's a real chance things could once again get deep for them.

With the threat of flooding and more rain in the forecast, I wish you the best luck in the coming days.

NWS Norman
NWS Norman

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