The Vaska Theater in Lawton has long been a landmark in the area, an establishment where families and friends have gathered for nearly 70 years for entertainment and to share good times.

Over this past week, the last original Lawton theater became the location for a landmark proposal.

Morgan Merritt had been looking for a unique way to ask his girlfriend, Lindsey Spencer to marry him. That's when the Vaska came into the picture. The couple's first date had been to a movie, so what a better place to surprise his unsuspecting girlfriend than the nearly 70 year old landmark theater, which has shown many motion pictures in it's day that had story book endings. This time the theater helped to create a real life happy ending, when it allowed Merritt to post his adorable sentiments on its markee.

A unique, albeit possibly embarrassing display. After all, what's a girl to say to a public display such as this?

Lindsey said yes of course! Congratulations to the happy couple.