Garage Sale 2017

This year, Lawton's Largest Garage Antique and Collectible sale is back and better than ever! I was really amazed not only with how much stuff there is to choose from, but also with the fine craftsmanship of a lot of the hand-made items. I can tell the design quality of some of the products took some real artistry.

There was a gentleman there selling rare coins, foreign currency and even an original German Nazi War Bond?!! He said that his products have been passed down from generation to generation for the last 125 years!

There is a woman there, whom I affectionately refer to as The Monopoly Lady, because she is an avid collector of rare versions of the board game. She has collector's editions from The Beatles, Elvis, Kiss, The United States Army, The Wizard of Oz, Scooby-Doo, The Hard Rock Cafe, The Star Wars Trilogy and much more! She even has an inflatable Monopoly board game...I didn't know that one even existed!

As a Townsquare employee, one of my responsibilities was to work the event, but lemme tell you... it was incredibly hard not to walk around the Coliseum buying up all the great deals I saw. The impulse to shop was almost impossible to resist! "Just put it in the bag" was my phrase of the day, lol! Honestly, I ended up having to leave my purse in the trunk of my car just so I wouldn't go overboard with spending.

Lawton's Largest Garage Antique & Collectible Sale will take place Friday, April 28th from 8a-6p, and Saturday, April 29th from 8a-3p. The Oklahoma Blood Institute will also hold a blood drive on Saturday from 9a-1p. Please make sure to come out and patronize the participating vendors who have worked extremely hard to make this another amazing event for our community.

And remember...Shop Local...Shop Lawton!

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