Scandal is far from uncommon within the K-pop community (never ask Twice's Tzuyu to hold up a flag on TV again), but the latest controversy is now an international affair.

Lee Hi, runner-up of the inaugural season of talent competition K-pop Star-turned-bonafide solo superstar, dropped Seoulite earlier this month; her first musical output in three years since her debut. Among the varied collection of ballads and swaggering, hip-hop cuts on the EP ("FXXK WIT US" is a total gem) is a song called "Hold My Hand," a breezy, doo-wop inspired throwback tune.

The only problem? Some listeners are now quite confident that the song sounds way too similar to Charlie Puth's debut single "Marvin Gaye (feat. Meghan Trainor)" — and they've come armed with receipts for proof. 

A YouTube account called "Copycat Hunter" (very damning) compared the two in a side-by-side audio comparison that has aided in the rip-off debate online. And while, yes, the two certainly sound similar in spots, it could be just as easily argued that the song also sounds like...any other doo-wop song.

In any case, the scandal (?) has since exploded across the Internet this past weekend, leading dozens of fans to weigh in with their own ruling. Side note: What's the deal with Marvin Gaye being involved in every copycat scandal in music at this point?

We'll let you make the call: Is this a shameless act of Puth plagiary, or just one of many doo-wop bops in the world?