Parents and Nanas, like myself, are always looking for fun and educational activities for kids, especially in the summer! Thanks to local libraries, the Oklahoma City Zoo and OG+E, the Read for Adventure program offers a great free, fun and educational activity for kids and families.

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Now through June 30, 2024, parents can take their children to any participating Oklahoma public library to check out a copy of "Juniper's Butterfly Garden." Children who check out the book will receive a voucher for four guests to visit the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden for free!

According to the Oklahoma City Zoo, Read for Adventure is a "statewide literacy program." The book, "Juniper's Butterfly Garden," can be checked out at any participating Oklahoma library. Click here to see if your local public library is participating in this program.

There's so much to explore at the Oklahoma City Zoo!

In addition to reading a book with your little one, you'll get to explore the Oklahoma City Zoo together and learn about various wildlife and species! You'll be able to see animals that are not native to Oklahoma, like one of my favorites, elephants.

You can even see some underwater creatures!

And after reading the book, "Juniper's Butterfly Garden," you'll have to check out the Botanical Garden at the Oklahoma City Zoo! You never know what pollinators you'll see buzzing around.

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