A third grader from North Carolina wrote a message and put it in a bottle as a part of a class project in 2019. Little did she know that the bottle would travel more than 4,000 miles and end up in Morocco.

Last May, Greensboro Day School student Vivian Byerly and her classmates each wrote a private message—which included their teacher Susan Ferguson's email address, as well as  their school's address—and put it in a bottle. According to UPI, the bottles were thrown into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Morehead City, North Carolina.

Fast forward to 2020: One of the bottles was found by a fisherman on White Beach near Guelmim, Morocco. The man emailed the teacher and sent photos of the bottle, as well as pictures of himself and his nephew, who was there when the bottle was discovered.

Sure, finding buried treasure would be cool, but there's just something so heartwarming about this story.

See the photos, below:

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