Take a tour of YouTuber Logan Paul's $9 million California mansion that's currently for sale.

The infamous YouTube star has moved from Los Angeles to Puerto Rico. According to Dirt, the reason for the controversial influencer's move is due to California's "insane" state taxes and Paul's desire to "start a new chapter."

Now, Paul is selling his longtime home in the Encino neighborhood for almost $2.5 million more than what he bought it for.

The YouTuber purchased his Encino mansion in 2017. The property was built in the 1970s and designed by Robert Byrd, who was known for his modern indoor-outdoor style.

Logan Paul's mansion has had tons of renovations over the years, including a new security system and fence since he dealt with several trespassers.

Take a Tour of Logan Paul's $9 Million Encino Mansion

Logan Paul is selling his magnificent $9 million Encino mansion after moving to Puerto Rico. Here's a look inside!

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