Madison Beer issued an apology on Twitter after admitting she "romanticizes" the controversial novel, Lolita, during an Instagram Live.

The 21-year-old singer shared her opinions about the 1955 novel, written by Russian-American novelist Vladimir Nabokov, prompting the hashtag #madisonbeerisoverparty to begin trending late Monday night (June 15).

She called Lolita one of her "favorite" books and admitted to "definitely romanticizing" the novel, which follows the story of a middle-aged French professor who becomes obsessed and romantically involved with a 12-year-old girl.

Beer's comments immediately faced backlash on social media with fans pointing out how inappropriate is it for her to romanticize a book about an abusive and pedophilic relationship.

She attempted to further explain herself in a now-deleted tweet, writing, "People have their own interpretations of the book. I didn’t write it. I just like it and don’t see it in the way others might. I’ve always known it’s a controversial book. But I’ve always said it’s my favorite. Because I just like that story. I like dark stories. Always have."

However, she later apologized for condoning "inappropriate relationships of any kind."

"100% which is why I'm sincerely sorry that I misspoke," she wrote in response to a fan who said the book is triggering to a lot of people. "I didn't see it like that, and now I do, I clearly didn't read into the book or see it the same way and I apologize. I do not romanticize inappropriate relationships, it was just a book to me. I am sorry."

Beer added in another message, "Yes and I need to be mindful of other people’s experiences and I apologize sincerely. I’d never want to hurt anyone."

"I love [you] guys and I’m sorry. I misspoke and would never condone inappropriate relationships of any kind. I’m sincerely sorry for it seeming like I do. let me make it clear — I do not. Have a good night," she tweeted.

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