Now here's an internet trend we can get behind - making the homeless smile.

Posted by Adam Saleh, Sheikh Akbar and Abdullah Ghuman - members of True Story ASA - this heartwarming video is racking up the views. Usually these guys are out recording video of their shenanigans and pranks, but this time they decided to switched it up with a video titled "Make the Homeless Smile." The video features the trio handing out food, water, money and clothes to the homeless in an effort to, well, make the homeless smile.

"Our intention in this video is to make their days and to make you guys always be positive to others," True Story ASA said. "We made sure the people that we gave clothes, money and food to were not drunk or would not use anything to buy drugs or alcohol," they added.

We've all seen the silly internet trends like the Harlem Shake, Planking and Twerking, but these guys are doing something here that will actually make a difference.

Here's to hoping "make the homeless smile" does, in fact, become a worldwide trend.

Watch True Story ASA Make the Homeless Smile: