We all have that one friend. You know the one. The one who never believes anything. Tell them their favorite movie is showing at the theater, they don't believe it. Tell them their favorite restaurant has a new menu item that they'll love, the blow it off as bogus. Tell them the world is round, phooey, everyone knows it's flat.

That's the situation with a guy in Scotland. According to the Daily Record over in the U.K. one guy is so fed up with his friend's thinking that the world is flat that he's raising money to send him into space.

Don't worry, it's a 'round' trip.


Now that it's possible to book passage on a Virgin Galactic flight Marc Gauld decided to prove to his friend that our planet is actually round. To do so he's trying to raise money to buy the ticket. He's figuring he'll need about 250,000 pounds, that's just under $350,000 at today's exchange rate. If things go as he hopes most of the donations will be from other Flat Earthers as it's the perfect opportunity for them to prove to the rest of us that the world is flat.

He figures it's worth it as he's got some Flat Earth Society friends and their nonsense is driving him nuts. It turns out that his friends aren't alone in thinking that the world is actually flat, the Flat Earth Society group on Facebook currently has more than 78,000 members.

Flat Earth in space
David Roberts / ThinkStock

Personally, I'd love to hitch a ride with Virgin Galactic - after they've had a couple successful out and back trips. If I need to pretend to be a Flat Earther to get someone else to pony up the cash, I can do that. I'll even bring my camera along to document the whole thing.

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