From landing a full-time coaching gig on Season 11 of The Voice, to taking Liam Hemsworth off the market (again) with the blushing announcement of the inseparable pair’s recent engagement in October, things are really looking up for Miley Cyrus.

Most of us were fortunate enough to witness the “Dooo It!” singer’s overnight transformation from Hannah Montana industry kid to the sophisticated superstar we see today. In case you don’t feel old already, the actress is ringing in her 24th birthday today (November 23), and we’re paying homage to the Disney princess by giving you all the behind-the-scenes trivia facts you may not have known about the multi-talented singer, actress and activist.

Check out our gallery below to learn some secret tidbits about Miley Cyrus that you probably never knew.

20 Things You Didn't Know About Miley Cyrus

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