We stumbled upon the coolest website! Remember when compiling a cassette mix tape for your BFF or the love of your high school life was the ultimate showing of affection? Now you can relive burning a mix tape in a whole new way- everyonesmixtape.com is officially our newest obsession!

Everyonesmixtape is a web app that brings the excitement of sharing music playlists through the web via a cassette tape interface – a walk down memory lane for some and a brand new experience for others. Anyone can join in the fun and even add a signature mix with a category like make out music, 80’s, and funk the system.

To begin, simply click on the cassette to start playing one of the public playlists. If you choose to join the web app by getting your own account, you can add your own music by dragging it onto the tape, even including outside websites such as YouTube.

Your selections remain anonymous unless you choose to share your mixtape. You can send a private link or simply sink it with your Facebook account!

Everyone’s Mixtape is a social project created so that everyone can join in and create a mix that shares the joy of music with others. It also allows the user to uncover some great songs outside of their normal listening genre.

No more fast-forwarding and rewinding to get the timing perfect on your mix tape, just click on the cassette and begin your journey into music discovery.

Do you remember the last time you made a mix tape? When was that?