Relationships with mother-in-laws can be tricky to navigate.

One woman took to Reddit explaining that her husband's mom has never been her biggest fan, but things reached a boiling point after the woman demanded her son bring their newborn to visit without her — his wife.

"I'm going to start this by saying that I [have] never been on good terms with my husband's mom," the woman wrote via Reddit. "She first and foremost never approved of me as a wife and daughter-in-law. We didn't fight, we just kept our distance and things got a lot more peaceful when my husband and I moved away."

Once the woman found out she was pregnant, she had hoped her relationship with her mother-in-law would get better and the daughter would have a connection with her grandma.

"My daughter is 6 weeks old. Her grandma already saw her via video calls but lately, she has been pressuring my husband to bring our daughter to her. She lives 4hrs away and she told him she didn't want me to come along," she continued. "My initial response was no because at this age my daughter can not go anywhere without me. My husband tried to argue saying if it's about feeding then he'll get formula but I told him it's not about that."

Hollie Santos via Unsplash
Hollie Santos via Unsplash

The husband got mad at her and told her she was being "unreasonable" for trying to keep their daughter away from his mom.

"I told him our daughter is still too young to travel. He asked me to explain how many 'years' his mom has to wait and then said it was no [big] deal but I'm making it that way," she wrote. "I said that his mom is the one making this a huge deal by telling me to not come and let my daughter go alone. He laughed sarcastically and said that he's the other parent and so I shouldn't feel like she's going alone."

The new mom added that she "felt uneasy being hours away from my daughter for an entire weekend," and didn't want to let her husband take the baby without her.

"He told me I was being overly possessive and paranoid," she said. "We had an argument and I refused to let him take her. He got angrier and called his family who tried to get me to agree to this but I kept refusing."

Users in the comments rallied around the mom, letting her know she has a right to feel the way she does.

"I have a six week old and I would never agree to this. Why can’t she come visit you? And her telling your husband you can’t come is ridiculous. Because of that alone, she wouldn’t be seeing my baby," one person wrote.

"Grandma can stay at a hotel close by and come by to visit the baby. I would NEVER let a six-week-old go for a weekend without me. My HUSBAND would have never suggested such a thing. And if grandma can't be nice to you, grandma doesn't need to be involved with your child," another weighed in.

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