More employees wish their employers would just skip the holiday party this Christmas season and show their appreciation with cold hard cash instead, according to a recent survey by career site Glassdoor.

For the second year in a row, nearly 73 percent of the American workforce reported that they would rather receive more of a cash bonus than celebrate the season with co-workers at a holiday party—even with an open bar. Other items that made the employee wish list were more paid time off, grocery gift cards and permission to work from home.

Interestingly, a small part (2 percent) of the workforce said that they would settle with having their boss or supervisor fired as a welcomed holiday incentive.

However, business experts say that no matter what a company plans to give to their employees this holiday season, it should be noted that the gift is a direct result of their performance. "Did the company reach its annual goals in 2012? Did a particular team or department surpass expectations? It's essential to explain what made a perk possible," said workplace advisor Rusty Rueff.


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