November, dubbed Movember, is the month where men everywhere can proudly put down their razors and let their facial hair blossom in an effort to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male health issues.

In the hopes of inspiring more guys to follow suit in addition to donating to the Movember organization, which supports groups like the Prostate Cancer Foundation, here are some of the hottest men ever to sport facial scruff.

More and more men nowadays are shaving religiously and waxing their bodies (every part of their bodies) in the name of male grooming. Hopefully these guys will show you that real men wear beards.

  • 1

    Joe Manganiello

    Joe Manganiello is arguably the hottest werewolf ever presented to the American public, and is perhaps even hotter than his 'True Blood' castmates. Taylor Lautner can't even hold a candle to what this guy has, mainly because Lautner couldn't grow a beard to save his life.

  • 2

    Felix Gomez

    Spanish actors seem to be ahead of the curve when it comes to body hair. Most American celebs air on the side of caution and go completely shaven, whereas the men south of the border, like Felix Gomez here, know how to sport the scruff.
  • 3

    Ryan Gosling

    Some men look much better with facial hair and this definitely applies to Ryan Gosling. Even with just a baby beard in the works, he already looks far more manly than he did before. Although, it could also be due to his newly sculpted abs of steel.

    Warner Bros. Pictures
  • 4

    Ryan Reynolds

    Ryan Reynolds is that unique kind of man who can go full beard or clean shaven and still look like one of the hottest studs to ever walk the planet. His abs and scruff action are the main reasons people still watch 'Blade: Trinity.'

    New Line Cinema
  • 5

    Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman

    Hugh Jackman doesn't come off as that manly off the screen. Maybe it has something to do with his singing and dancing on Broadway. Who knows? The point, though, is that he can certainly play the manly part and it doesn't get much more tough and scruff than his Wolverine persona.

    Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
  • 6

    Gerard Pique

    Soccer players are always fun to watch — mainly because they take their shirts off every time one of them scores a goal — but Gerard Pique is one of those stand-out players. He's the kind of guy you want to win the whole game. We're not gonna lie, it's mostly because of the beard.

    Jasper Juinen, Getty Images
  • 7

    David Beckham

    David Beckham is an icon when it comes to soccer, fashion and growing out beards. He's one of the few men capable of making facial hair look good all the time, and it definitely makes him a star on the field — not his years of athletic experience. It's the hair that makes the man.

    Victor Decolongon, Getty Images