Neil Young turned 66 years old on November 12th and celebrated by giving the keynote speech at the Sustainability Forum in São Paulo, Brazil. The focus of this fourm was on how to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and increase the use of renewable technologies, something Neil has been a champion of for several years now.

Young’s 2004 ‘Greendale’ tour was partially famous for the fact that all the semi’s were run on biodeisel fuel sources. “Our Greendale tour is now ozone friendly” he said during a tour promotion, “I plan to continue to use this government approved and regulated fuel exclusively from now on to prove that it is possible to deliver the goods anywhere in North America without using foreign oil, while being environmentally responsible.”

Young’s appearance at this years Sustainabilty Fourm only reinforces the man’s commitment to these ideals. During his 30 minute speech, Young said “we need to increase the use of biofuels in cars and cut the import of foreign oil.”

In 2008, Neil had another ‘Green’ concept, The Lincvolt, which was a hybrid engine 1959 Lincoln. Several of the songs on his album that year, ’Fork In The Road’, were about the auto.

During the ceremony in Brazil, Neil was serenaded by the crowd, but turned it into a birthday song to Mother Earth. Thanking the crowd he added “maybe next year I will come again and sing a song for you.”

Forever shifting gears and driving on, that’s why we love Neil! We celebrated his birthday in fine style over the weekend with a list of the Top 10 Neil Young Love Songs, at least one of which is about a car.