Neil Young was just starting a story about his treasured Martin D-28, a guitar that once belonged to Hank Williams, when a fan at the singer's Dallas concert cut him off last night. Young didn't take the interruption very well.

The exchange happened as Young finished a lovely pump-organ version of Buffalo Springfield's 'Mr. Soul,' during this intimate solo performance. When Young tried to share his thoughts on the instrument he was going to play next, however, one of the audience members interrupted -- urging him to, you know, play it.

Young, at first, replied with a touch of bitter irony: "I don't think I'm going to play it," sparking widespread laughter. But when Young tried to go back into his story about the instrument, other fans joined in with their own comments. An increasingly agitated Young then fired back: "How about you talk, and I'll listen?" Many of those assembled broke out in spontaneous applause at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center.

"I'm trying to remember the last time I did what somebody told me to do," the legendary iconoclast then added, to more laughter, before strumming the lilting opening of 1992's 'Harvest Moon.' Young was clearly still rankled by the rude exchange, however, as he offered this tender ballad with a fierce edge. "Funny -- that song is not supposed to be angry," Young said, as he concluded -- before reportedly glaring toward the balcony and saying: "You get what you demand."

These one-man concerts continue tonight in Dallas. One can only hope there are more considerate fans this time out.

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