Holiday season is over.  Christmas tree is down and all of the excitement that the day brings is but all a memory now.  So a question I'll pose to you as I posed to myself yesterday.  Did you open the refrigerator and go blah?  I took several looks in the fridge and thought you're kidding right?  Did we really eat all of this?  Or did we pick up some food hitchhikers along the way?  I did not know what to do so I closed the door and counted to 30 and reopened thinking that I was going to hear trumpets hearlding a new year.  But instead I got a stare back from Aunt Betty's Jello-mold that is turning green (or was it green to begin with) and Cousin Mike's 7 layer cheese dip that looks more like a nuclear waste site.  I have got to do some serious cleaning out of unwanted food from the last decade.   So when you look in your fridge today or tonight, don't be a bit surprised if you get the same queezy feeling I got.

Imaage Charles Thatcher