The Baltimore Sun is reporting that the NFL has hired its first time full-time female official. Sarah Thomas, a native of Mississippi, who has experience officiating games at the high school and collegiate levels

Sarah Thomas, a native of Mississippi who began her officiating career at the high school level, officiated games before leaving to continue her career in pharmaceutical sales. Thomas began calling games for Conference USA in 2007, became the first woman to officiate a bowl game in 2009.

She' since joined the NFL’s Officiating Development Program, working some New Orleans Saints’ training camps scrimmages, and also officiated a NFL preseason game last August. Thomas told the NFL Network last year that she doesn’t feel like a pioneer and did not face any resistance from others while in the development program.


In 2012, Shannon Eastin who was hired as a non-union official during the 2012 lockout by referees, was the first woman to officiate a regular season game in a contest between the St. Louis Rams and Detroit Lions.

Let's all take a moment and welcome the NFL into the late 20th century.