Nicki Minaj and Cardi B might have said their beef was squashed and they're focusing on more positive things, but did any of us really believe this would last?

It seems Nicki, who always knows how to keep things interesting (and messy), has taken a new shot at Cardi with the casting in her "Good Form" music video with Lil Wayne. According to TMZ, Nicki cast sisters Baddie Gi and Jade in the video – The same pair who allege Cardi B and her crew attacked them with bottles and chairs in a Queens strip club this past August.

Allegedly, Cardi confronted the women, who are bartenders at the strip club, about one of them having an affair with her husband, rapper Offset of Migos. Back in October, Cardi turned herself in to the NYPD for the charges. While not arrested, she was ordered to appear in court at a future date to answer to the accusations.

You can spot the two bartenders at the :40 second mark and throughout the video. Nicki even posted a photo with the pair on her Instagram after dropping the video Thursday (November 29). The sisters are the two blonde women in the foreground.

Cardi has yet to respond to the shady move, as she's busy celebrating new track "On Me" with Meek Mill, off his just-released Championships album. However, we don't think Nicki casting the sisters will go unnoticed or unchecked for very long.

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